Member Webinar COVID-19: Staffing Solutions - April 20, 2020 image

Member Webinar COVID-19: Staffing Solutions - April 20, 2020

Member Webinar on COVID-19: Staffing Solutions Millions of hardworking Americans are facing furloughs and layoffs. Meanwhile, senior living providers report increased staffing demand, in some cases hiring more dining staff, security, and utility workers—while they also factor in self-quarantines and other limits to their existing workforce. We all know the problem. This members-only webinar will focus on solutions. You will learn how to reach hospitality, retail, restaurant, and other laid-off workers, through the public workforce system and Senior Living FastMatch, Argentum’s online recruiting resource. You’ll also hear from senior living owners and operators that have used unique approaches to recruit and onboard workers during this crisis. Attendees will hear: * A critical update on recent workforce regulatory measures enacted to provide support to America’s workforce * Partnering with other industries during furloughs, slowdowns * Training solutions for non-caregiver staff who are not busy, such as drivers, etc. * Childcare solutions for workers * Staffing solutions for lockdowns and mandatory stays

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